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I invite you now to join me in a time of silent remembering. Please take a deep breath and close your eyes if that feels comfortable. Settle into your chair and allow your body to relax. Feel every muscle release any tension it may be holding, let each breath you take relax you more and you release and let go of any cares, concerns or anxieties that may be present in your mind or body. Just relax and let go with every breath you take. This is a safe place and you are surrounded by those who accept you and care for you. So just relax now and feel the peace enfolding you.

Let each thought you have be gently released as you observe your mind becoming quiet and still. Be not concerned with anything you think you see or hear, simply accept it all as what is and let it pass by. Release your thoughts as gently and lovingly as the tree releases its leaves in the fall. Let go and relax.

And now let us move from our mind into our heart space. We place our attention in the still quiet place within where we know we are one with our Creator. In this place we are safe, serene, and secure. We are completely at peace, completely in joy, completely in a state of love. As we gently rest our attention in this sacred space, we become increasingly aware of the intense love that resides within our Being. A love so intense that it shines forth as a brilliant light whenever we call upon it. We know and understand that this is our natural state of being and that it is here for us anytime, all the time, anywhere. And we begin to remember who we really are.

We begin to remember that we are magnificent creations of Light and Love with an incredible potential to create good through our thoughts and intentions as they align with God. We begin to remember who we really are.

We begin to remember that love is the greatest power of all and that by giving and teaching only love, we receive only love. We remember to “teach only love for that is what we are”. And we remember that every encounter is a holy encounter, because we are. Yes, now we remember who we really are. We are a Light unto the World and it is our choice to bring Love and Joy to everyone.

Dearest Creator, we thank you today for the opportunity to remember in unity with you and with each other who we really are. That we are created in your image, in the image of Love and that you would have us be A Light Unto the World.

Thank you, God. Amen.

And when you are ready, please gently and easily open your eyes and return your attention to this time and place bringing with you the clarity and awareness of who you really are. Namaste'

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