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Rev. Jeanette earned her Master of Divinity and became ordained in 2005 as a Minister of Peace through the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking in The Beloved Community. 

In 1992, she was ordained through the Order of Melchiezedek Priests in the Sanctuary of the Beloved. She currently resides in a far western suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

She has been a life-long spiritual explorer and practicing student of universal truth principles with a foundation in A Course in Miracles and The Way of Mastery and has facilitated hundreds of ACIM classes over the past two decades.

Incorporating music, chant, and illumined meditation into the services she offers brings a uniquely inspiring aspect to workshops, talks and classes. Frequent comments from participants say "she has the voice of an angel" and "listening to her meditations is like listening to God".

She particularly enjoys discerning core unifying truths in all religions and philosophies in order to bring a deeper understanding of global unity. It is her passion to share the joy of Illumined Living to help shift the consciousness of humans both individually and collectively that all may know their Divine Nature.

"Know Thyself and the Truth shall set you Free."

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