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Enter the Pathway of

Illumined Living !

Join an expanding circle of global lightworkers by inspiring Illumined Living through the simple act of "being" a pathway of higher consciousness. "YOU are the Light of the World."

We are called to answer. If you are here, it is no accident. You have answered the call to explore and know the highest truth of your being. Welcome, Beloved One.

You have made the choice to hold space for yourself and all humanity, simply by being who you truly are, in order to bring forth the inherent capacity to consciously catapult human consciousness, once and for all, from a vibrational state of static fear into a fluid state of well-being and joyful illumination.

We honor you.

Illumined Living course!

A series of comprehensive classes rich in illuminated teachings as well as being deeply experiential, provide transformational shifts and potent opportunities for pushing the envelope of present day consciousness.

There is nothing to learn and everything to remember. There is nothing to do and everything to Be. 

There is no better way for each of us to make a difference for this planet, our communities, our families and ourselves, than to create the vision, consciously live the vibration and be the example of an Illumined Life.

Mission Statement

To fan the flame of passion

in everyone we meet,

inspiring all to reach their highest potential of

Divine Illumination,

and as we give so we receive.

Thank you, God. 


I live for the pure Joy of Being

Divine Love in expression!

In the midst of the storm, there is peace.

In the midst of darkness, there is light.

In the midst of illusion, there is truth.

In the midst of fear, there is love.

In the midst of you, there is God, the Illumined One.

                                                                                       ~ Rev. Jeanette

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